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  • 3D printing gelatin

    Customizing and catering to each individual with different symptoms is more beneficial than taking a general antibiotic. The purpose of this project is to identify which type of gelatin; Bovine, Porcine, with and without Alginate and Calcium Chloride is a more efficient method of being 3D printed from a syringe extruder.

  • An exploratory literature

    Ecosystem services in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) include provisioning services, regulating services, habitat services, and cultural services. The purpose of this project was to identify current research, knowledge, and trends about ecosystem services in the USVI by conducting a literature review.

  • Anthropogenic influence poster

    Raccoons are considered generalists which means that they easily adapt to changes in their environment. Because of this, raccoons are often seen rummaging through dumpsters full of human trash for their next meal. We believe that as a result of such close interactions, raccoons are losing their innate ability to assess risk.

  • Assessing the limitations poster

    The Northern Bobwhite (hereafter bobwhite) is a quail species that resides in the eastern United States. In early fall, they form groups that we refer to as 'coveys,' and shortly before dawn they produce a unique call that state natural resource agencies can use for population monitoring purposes.

  • grinstead

    My project is about assessing stream health in Northeast Iowa based on fish assemblage, and deriving correlations with stream health and habitat. In order to assess stream health in Northeast Iowa using fish assemblage, we use what is called a fish-index of biotic integrity (FIBI).

  • Bipolar interdigitated electrodes poster

    In this work we focus on using bipolar interdigitated electrodes (BP-IDEs) in a microfluidic device for performing electrochemical analysis of a cluster of cells of defined number and type. A bipolar electrode means that the voltage is not applied directly to the metal film.

  • Egg cartons in bin

    During this project it was investigated if crickets possess the ability to consume animal waste and what nutrition it would offer them. The goal was to find a new alternative feeding method that was both cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

  • Stream picture

    From 2016 to summer 2019, a portion of South Worrell Creek running through Ames, Iowa was transformed from an unmanaged stream system to a public eco-park named the Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor (TELC).

  • Lekin working on computer

    Taylor worked as the communications assistant for the Agriculture & Society undergraduate major. In this position, her focus was to promote the major and foster a positive experience for current students by providing new opportunities and resources, through publicity and alumni networking. During her semester, she spent time promoting the Agriculture & Society at various events and published an article for the Department of Sociology website.

  • Crowley

    The objective of this project was to compare modern cook loss determination techniques to the original Rongey Emulsion Stability Test that collects fat, water and solids, also known as cook loss, in the bottom portion of a special tube. The Rongey Test used glass Wierbicki centrifuge tubes that come to a point at the bottom and has room to collect the cook loss whereas modern methods use plastic centrifuge tubes do not have this same point but can spin in the centrifuge for much longer and at higher speeds.

  • Olson

    The SSTR2 knockout boar was a genetically modified pig using CRISPER/Cas9 technology. SSTR2 stands for the modified somatostatin receptor. Somatostatin reduces the production and secretion of the growth hormone in pigs. The knockout gene takes somatostatin receptor out of the boar, theoretically, increasing his growth potential.

  • Disciplinary training effect poster

    A City’s urban forest is a major part of the health of an urban ecosystem. However, cities are harsh environments for trees, limiting what species can be used. Narrowed tree diversity leads to overplanting a few species that can exacerbate disease and pest issues such as Dutch Elm Disease or Emerald Ash Borer.

  • Does phytase release less phosphorus poster

    Phytase has been used commercially to increase the digestibility of inorganic phosphorus. The objective was to see if phytase releases less phosphorus when a pig is fed a P-adequate diet compared to a P-inadequate diet.

  • Working with plant

    The soybean aphid (Aphis glycines) is the most economically damaging pest of soybean in the Northcentral US and can potentially cause substantial yield loss. Soybean aphids can be managed successfully with aphid-resistant soybean varieties.

  • Croghan

    Lisianthus is a popular cut flower with problems of insufficient stem length that reduce marketability. Plant growth regulator GA3 was applied at multiple treatment levels and stem length was recorded. Cultivars treated with GA3 showed increased stem length. 250 ppm was most effective for ‘Mariachi White’ and 750 ppm was most effective for ‘Mariachi Pink’.

  • Effects of lifestyle poster

    Spondylids and Scallops are both bivalve mollusk species. Spondylids do not swim and scallops do swim.  I count eyes on both species to determine if the number of eyes differ across species.

  • Picture by trees

    Plant identification courses are historically challenging at the collegiate level. This human subjects, IRB-approved SoTL study evaluated low-stakes quizzing as a means to improve overall scores and retention of the plant material in Iowa State University’s horticulture woody plant identification course (HORT 240).

  • Working in lab

    This is the second trial of this experiment that was looking at finding the effects of weaning, removing the calf from the mother and its milk. This is one of the most stressful points in a calf’s life which can decrease the calf’s ability to fight off sickness and disease and also can reduce the amount of feed that the calf consumes.

  • Elke Windschitl poster

    Northern bobwhite restoration is monitored annually under the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative Coordinated Implementation Program. Here, bobwhite densities were calculated from point count surveys.

  • Mcgowan working on computer

    We used autonomous recording units (ARUs) to record data on Northern Bobwhite Quails and also to test there effectiveness at collecting data. This research will also assist in the monitoring of Northern Bobwhite populations pertaining specifically to last years harsh winter.