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Science with Practice

Incredible Opportunities, Course Credit, and Practical Experience

Your college experience begins with finding the right major. One that sparks your interests, builds on your talents and leads you to the career you’ve always wanted.

The Science with Practice program gives you the opportunity to build upon your interests and career goals. Students work closely with faculty and staff on a specific project, gaining hands-on experience relevant to their chosen career path while receiving academic credit and money for the work.

What can Science with Practice do for me?

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"I was able to apply the theories that I have learned within my courses at Iowa State to the project and gain invaluable skills and experiences while doing so. This experience helped refine my goals and aided me in identifying my interests for when I pursue a future career in the field of sociology."

"I gained so much knowledge, from writing a better resume and improving my professional skills to specific details and techniques performed throughout other projects, from my mentors and fellow students, due to the collaborative nature of the class."

"It has allowed me to gain hands on research experience while discovering different life paths that I could take. It has also helped me to fine tune my laboratory and professional skills in order to become a more marketable employee."