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Become a Student

Getting Started: 

  1. Establish mentor/mentee relationship
  2. Complete and submit a registration form
  3. Register for Science with Practice course (AGEDS 312) on AccessPlus for academic credit
  4. Come to the first day of class

Guy doing lab testsStudent Benefits

  • Acquire technical agricultural and related sciences skills
  • Develop organizational & planning skills
  • Develop skills related to research, data collection, data analysis, and organization
  • Develop/Improve skills related to human resource management
  • Improve oral and written communication skills
  • Better understand research and link it to higher level courses
  • Better understand the linkages between science/research and practical, real-world situations/problems
  • Develop an interest in research

Student Incentives

  • Opportunity to develop individualized learning experience
  • Opportunity to learn through employment experiences
  • Opportunity to earn academic credit for experience (AGEDS 312)
  • Potential for higher hourly wage

What can Science with Practice offer me?

  • Acquire technical agricultural and related sciences skills
  • Develop skills related to:
    • Data collection
    • Research procedures
    • Human resource management
    • Written and oral communication
    • Time management
    • Organization
    • Team work
    • Data analysis
  • Develop an understanding of the linkages between research and practical real-world situations and problems

What are the requirements?

  • Develop a signed learning agreement outlining the purpose, goals and expectations
  • Conduct up to 20 hours of experiential learning and work experience per week
  • Attend SWP classes (AgEds 312)
  • Submit bi-weekly journal entries reflecting on activities and experiences
  • Create a portfolio and report as a summary of the SWP experience
  • Develop and participate in a poster presentation