Become a Mentor


Be a mentor in the Science with Practice program and help train the next generation of colleagues. This unique program puts ownership of a project in the hands of students as they gain real-world experience.

  • Matching funds provided by Science with Practice program
  • Better trained and informed workforce
  • More open communication lines with student employees
  • Opportunity to attract and develop student interest in research and related professional activities

The program provides a structured research experience for the student and opportunity for members of my laboratory and myself to work with some of the future innovators and leaders in our discipline. For the students, the opportunity to earn credit and money is a win-win situation. For faculty members, having 50 percent of the student’s salary paid for is a major draw to the program. 

Dr. Stephanie Hansen, associate professor, animal science

To become a mentor, have a student complete the signed mentor agreement, submit to 201 Curtiss, and register for AGEDS 312. During week one of the course, we walk students through the payrolls steps.

Potential Mentors: If you would like to have an individual discussion about the Science with Practice program, please email