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Previous Mentors

  F. Name L. Name Department Email Website Link
Mr. Mike Anderson 4H
Mr. Mitchell Hoyer 4H
Dr.  Daniel  Andersen Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr.  Matt Helmers Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr. Steven Hoff Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr. Jacek Koziel Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr. Kurt  Rosentrater Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr.  Brian Steward Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr. Hongwei Xin Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr.  Michelle Soupir Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Dr.  Ben  Chamberlain Agricultural Education & Studies
Dr. Awoke Dollisso Agricultural Education & Studies
Dr. Michael Retallick Agricultural Education & Studies
Dr.  Scott  Smalley Agricultural Education & Studies
Mr.  Kevin Kimle Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative
Dr. Mahdi Al-Kaisi Agronomy
Dr. Sotirios  Archontoulis  Agronomy
Dr. Daniel Barker Agronomy
Dr. Madan Bhattacharyya Agronomy
Dr. Lee Burras Agronomy
Dr.  Ranae Dietzel Agronomy
Dr.  Andrew Manu Agronomy
Dr. John Sawyer Agronomy
Dr. Patrick Schnable Agronomy
Dr.  Richard  Cruse Agronomy
Dr. Russell Mullen Agronomy
Dr. Laura Merrick Agronomy
Dr.  Kathleen Delate Agronomy/Horticulture
Dr.  Susana Goggi Agronomy/Seed Science
Dr. Tom  Baas Animal Science
Dr.  Lance Baumgard Animal Science
Dr.  Donald Beitz Animal Science
Dr. Jack Dekkers Animal Science
Dr.  Matthew Ellinwood Animal Science
Dr.  Stephanie Hansen Animal Science
Dr. Mark Honeyman Animal Science
Dr. Anna Johnson Animal Science
Dr.  Steven Lonergan Animal Science
Dr.  John Patience Animal Science
Dr. Michael Persia Animal Science
Dr.  Jason Ross Animal Science
Dr. Max Rothschild Animal Science
Dr.  Jim  Russell Animal Science
Dr.  Josh Selsby Animal Science
Dr.  Ken  Stalder Animal Science
Dr. Chris  Tuggle Animal Science
Dr.  Curt Youngs Animal Science
Mrs.  Sherry Hoyer Animal Science - IPIC
Dr. Tom Bobik BBMB
Mr. Marshal Ruble Beef Teaching Farm
Mrs.  Beth Foreman CALS Student Services
Mr Andy Zehr CALS Student Services
Ms. Shelley Taylor CALS Study Abroad
Ms Philip W.  Gassman Center for Agricultural & Rural Development (CARD)
Dr. Anne Bronikowski EEOB
Dr. Diane Debinske EEOB
Dr.  John  Downing EEOB
Dr. Fredric Janzen EEOB
Dr.  Jeanne  Serb  EEOB
Dr.  Amy Toth EEOB
Dr.  Lyric Bartholomay Entomology
Dr. Gregory Courtney Entomology
Dr. Aaron  Gassmann Entomology
Ms. Ginny Mitchell Entomology
Dr.  Aubrey Mendonca Food Science and Human Nutrition
Dr. Zhiyou Wen Food Science and Human Nutrition
Dr.  Jeff  Essner GDCB
Dr.  Erik Vollbrecht GDCB
Dr.  Marna Yandeau-Nelson GDCB
Dr. Gail Nonnecke Global Resource Systems
Dr. Christopher Currey Horticulture
Dr. Richard  Gladon Horticulture
Dr. William Graves Horticulture
Dr. Cynthia  Haynes Horticulture
Dr. Dorothy Masinde Horticulture
Dr. Ajay  Nair Horticulture
Mrs. Claudia Lemper Microbiology
Dr.  Julie Blanchong NREM
Dr. Stephen Dinsmore NREM
Dr.  Sue Fairbanks NREM
Dr. Mary Harris NREM
Mrs. Leigh Ann Long NREM
Dr. Cassandra Nunez NREM
Dr. Michael Rentz NREM
Dr.  Richard Schultz NREM
Dr. John Tyndall NREM
Dr. Michael Weber NREM
Dr. Mark Gleason Plant Pathology
Dr. Larry  Halverson Plant Pathology
Dr.  Mercy Kabahuma Plant Pathology
Dr. Forrest Nutter, Jr. Plant Pathology
Dr. Gregory Tylka Plant Pathology
Dr. Allen  Miller Plant Pathology & BBMB
Dr. Gwyn Beattie Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Dr. Steve  Whitham Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Dr.  Nathan Brockman Reiman Gardens
Mr.  Tim Goode Research Farms
Mr.  Nick Howell Research Farms
Ms.  Lori  Abendroth Sociology
Dr. Carmen Bain Sociology
Dr.  Jamie Benning Sociology
Dr. Shawn Dorius Sociology
Dr. Jeff Hartwig Swine Farm Manager
Dr. Cathy Miller VDPAM
Dr.  Suzanne Millman VDPAM
Dr. Paul Plummer VDPAM
Dr.  Bianca Zaffarano Veterinary Clinical Sciences