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Comparing Sociotechnical Imaginaries for Gene Editing in Food and Agriculture

Student: Will Feucht

Mentor(s): Dr. Carmen Bain, and Principal Investigator, Dr. Theresa Selfa.

Funding: National Science Foundation

The objective of this project is ultimately to inform how gene edited foods should be regulated in the future. During my time on the project, we have been coding sociotechnical imaginaries, or forward-looking themes from mass media in the United States and New Zealand as they relate to gene editing in food and agriculture. To understand these imaginaries more holistically, the project also includes the Netherlands, Japan, and Mexico. For the coding, I have used our code book and coder guide to identify what people are making assertions of gene editing in food and agriculture (or directly mentioning regulation), and what type of assertion they make. The end goal of the project is to use the findings to disseminate information on how gene edited foods are governed and influenced across countries.